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Works in Progress

1. WIP: Dissent, Book 1 of The Dissenter Saga


Stage: Final Edits


PProgress: I'm in my final editing stage for this book, but I can't finish it up just yet. I hope to have this one complete by the end of the of 2023.


2. WIP: Book 2 of The Dissenter Saga


Stage: In Editing


Progress: I'm finishing up edits given to me by my Beta. I only have 12 chapters to go, and then I'll be passing this on to my editor.


3. WIP: Book 3 of The Dissenter Saga


Stage: In Editing


Progress: This one continues to be a struggle for me. For all intents and purposes, the first draft is complete, but it needs major revisions, I still need to write the finale. I put a pause on the finale because I realized something was wrong with the plot and some serious overhauls needed to take place.


4. WIP: Book 0.5 of The Dissenter Saga


Stage: Brainstorming/On Hold


Progress: This will be a standalone in the same universe occurring before the events of Dissent, telling the story of Liddy and Xavier. These are characters mentioned in book 1 and book 2, but we never see or hear from them. I thought it would be amazing to tell their love story. As of right now, this will be offered as a free download to all subscribers.


5. WIP: Book 2.5 of The Dissenter Saga


Stage: Brainstorming


Progress: I seriously can't believe I'm doing this to myself, but here we go. I'm planning to write a novella that will exist between book 2 and book 3. In order to make sure that every villain in the series gets an appropriate and satisfying end, it was becoming increasingly necessary to convert the trilogy into a quartet. But I really didn't have enough material without just adding fluff for a full 4th book. After brainstorming how to solve this problem, I was inspired by The Shatter Me series and how Tahereh Mafi created novellas to better explain the POVs of other characters. That's my current plan. Don't worry, I'll explain more later! 😊


6. WIP: Book 1 of A&D Trilogy


Stage: Brainstorming


Progress: This project has me all giddy. My brain has been exploding with ideas for this new series, but I want to get The Dissenter Saga all wrapped up before I move on to something new. However, with that said, I have officially begun brainstorming this project. I'm created my Series Bible and am already collecting ideas for our characters, setting, and plot.


Stay tuned for more updates!

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