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Releasing Spring 2024

Love conquers all things… until it’s burned alive.


For fans of Shatter Me, Legend, and Matched series comes an emotional, coming-of-age story of resilience, arranged marriages, love triangles, and civil unrest. Set in an oppressive dystopian future, the drive to survive challenges the power of love. 


What was once the Southwestern United States is now the city of Telvia, a nation ruled by a totalitarian government that is perpetually defending itself from those outside the Wall— the massive structure built to protect Telvian citizens from Dissenters. First Daughter of the Presidential Family, Mara de la Puente lives among the wealthy and noble citizens in District 1. But she has a secret. She’s only half noble, and she pays for this truth with her blood.


But there’s a way out of her abusive home— marriage. As she approaches her eighteenth birthday, Mara will be Initiated into society and be matched to a suitor. And all she can do is hope that her match is Chase, the gorgeous boy who has been seeking her affection.


But when the Telvian Administration is attacked by rebels, Mara’s hope for a better life is shattered when she’s accused of being an accomplice to Dissenters. And now, her family wants her dead. Mara must choose between her own survival or saving the life of the one she loves.


Filled with deception, plot twists, and steamy romance, this New Adult dystopian romance is sure to move readers with a cruel villain you love to hate and a misunderstood bad boy you hate to love.


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