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Love conquers all things...until it's burned alive.

The United States is gone. No one beyond the Wall can be trusted. And everything I thought I knew is a lie.


In a world fractured by drought and ruled by tyranny, 17-year-old Mara de la Puente finds herself torn between loyalty, love, and the fight for freedom. Accused of treason, she's thrust into the heart of rebellion, caught between two rebels vying for her heart: Matias, her guardian promising safety, and Wes, whose brooding gaze and turbulent past ignites a fire she can't ignore.


Navigating love and loyalty, Mara confronts her deepest fears amidst betrayal and intrigue, discovering her heart just might be the most dangerous battlefield of all.


For fans of Shatter Me and The Hunger Games world, The Dissenter Saga offers pulse-pounding action, jaw-dropping twists, and heart-stopping dystopian romance. If you enjoy love triangles, enemies-to-lovers, touch her and die, action adventure, forbidden love, snarky humor, brooding antiheroes, shocking plot twists, and spicy steam levels that build throughout the series, then Dissent is for you.


Are you ready to dissent?

Dissent—A Dystopian Romance

Releasing August 15, 2024

ARC Readers Wanted

Applications for ARC Readers has closed for Dissent, but we still need ARC Readers for Revile. Sign up and join my ARC Team!



Readers should be aware that The Dissenter Saga is a dystopian tale, meaning that the premise of the story involves dark themes of captivity, violence, war, rebellion, and abuse. Readers sensitive to these topics should not read The Dissenter Saga.

Other Content Warnings:

This series contains explicit language, as well as closed-door and open-door sexual intimacy.

I have done my best to address these topics as tastefully and sensitively as possible, and have tried to avoid overly graphic details or unnecessary description.

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