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Adventures in Editing: Update 12

My weekly, Friday update....

Hi All!

Boy has my household been eventful this past week! So, here's the scoop.... The hubby finally came back from his business trip late Friday night, woke up in the morning not feeling well.

*Cue the ominous music now*

Did your brain just think, "Oh no! He got COVID"????

You're right! Hubby caught COVID. He's the first one in our family to actually get the VID. Thank goodness, he's vaccinated, and he had mild symptoms. Still had a cough, fatigue, fever, and achiness, but he never loss his sense of taste or smell.

So, 7 days later, both my kids and me have managed to stay COVID-free.

Now, did this impact my Camp NaNoWriMo goals? Well, it certainly made it more challenging, but I'm proud of what I accomplished this week. Let's take a look....

1. Goal: Edit 84 Pages

Result: As of this morning, I am on track to meet this goal! This week, I had 6 "working" day. And for each day, the goal was to edit 14 pages, for a whopping total of 84 pages! Despite dodging the VID, I managed to meet my editing goals each day, editing 70 pages over the past 5 days. As long as I nail those last 14 pages, this goal will be met.

The Plan: Alrighty, now let's take a look at the plan for this next week. I have one buffer day scheduled for Saturday (tomorrow). That makes this up coming week another 6-Days, 84 Pages Challenge.

So, that's the goal, to edit 14 pages a day, totaling 84 pages worth of editing between now and next Friday.

To help me succeed, my plan is to repeat the same thing I did last week. I'm going to use a big chunk of my Sunday to meal prep and batch cook dinners for the rest of the week. This will help cut down on cooking time, save me precious minutes, and hopefully give me a little wiggle room throughout the week.

Last week, I also started a #campnanowrimodiaries on Instagram where I've been positing daily on my progress toward meeting my Camp NaNoWriMo goals. If you want to follow me there, find me @jlamontbooks.

That's all for today! Have a great week and don't forget to keep turning the page!

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