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Adventures in Editing: Update 23

My weekly, Friday update....

So, technically, today's Saturday... not Friday. Oops!

It was just too wild yesterday, and that meant postponing my weekly Friday update.

We are coming to the end of October, and as we close in near the end, so does the Adventures in Editing series. Notes for editing have really slowed with Book 1, and there's just less and less to tell. In truth, I was hoping to be through editing book 1 by the end of September, but life has a way of changing our best laid out plans.

This week was my last week of classes. My students completed their finals, and all I have left to do is grade their final papers. So, this is going to be a huge focus for me this week . As I've been wrapping up the teaching stuff, I'm surprised at how much relief I have been feeling. It genuinely feels good to take things off my plate and create more room and space for my writing.

With that said, I was able to have my final feedback session with 1 of my betas, and it went really well. She highlighted some places to add detail or to alter some of the language for a more cohesive experience, which I appreciate greatly. She gave tons of positive feedback too, which totally made me feel good!

My second beta is hoping to meet with me today, but she hasn't finished the story yet. She was honest in sharing with me that she's struggling to finish the book. She shared that she knows there is a major plot twist coming, and she's so invested in the story now, she doesn't want to finish it until she knows book 2 has been written! Needless to say, that made me laugh and made me feel good. Even if she doesn't finish book 1, I'm seeing her struggle to finish the story as an indication of success!

With that, let's look at how I did these past week:

Goal: Final feedback session with with Beta 1.

Result: Done!

Goal: Feedback with Beta 2

Result: Didn't happen, but we're planning to chat about it today.

Stretch Goal: Develop Q4 Writing Goals

Result: I kinda did this, but not really. I definitely got more organized and I know my goal for Q4 is to have book 1 done and to compete Draft 1 of book 2 during NaNoWriMo. But that's about it.

The Plan: I shared last time that I felt I needed a reset. And with that said, I'm still in the middle of that "reset." I got a little more organized, but I'm still transitioning out of teaching and trying to align myself back up with what's important to me.

So, once again, I want to keep things simple for myself this week as I finish up teaching and grading.

Goal 1: Apply Beta 1 feedback

Goal 2: Have Beta 2 feedback session

Stretch Goal: Apply Beta 2 feedback

That's all for today! Have a great week and don't forget to keep turning the page!

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