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Behind the Book: Author Update 1

Fall 2023: Thoughts on the journey of writing a book.

New Adult Romance Author Update
Josephine Lamont- New Adult Romance Author


It's fall, and I'm going to explode with joy as my favorite season comes into full swing.

I absolutely love the fall, and nothing makes me feel more witchy, more magical, more inspired than the fall season.

The flavors, the weather, the clothes, the all just makes me happy inside!

As we shift gears into cooler months with better colors 😉, we're also shifting into quarter 4 (Q4). And I'm super ready for the shift.

Q3 was good to me, and I accomplished so much over the past 3 months that I really can't complain. Here's what I managed to get done over the summer:

  • Book 1 (Dissent) was reviewed by my editor (Tayler from Bailey and Bloom Ink). She gave me back her feedback, and now it's my turn to dig in and finish cleaning it all up.

  • I finished writing Book 2, and placed it in the hands of my beta readers.

  • I began meeting Beta #1 and have already gotten tons of feedback from her.

  • And finally, book 3 is on the cusp of completion. I estimate I only have about 20% left before the first draft will be done.

In short, I nailed all of my Q3 goals and then some. And now, I'm making my plans for Q4.

The Plan: So, let's talk goals for October (even though it's still September). Ideally, I'll finish book 3 this week, ending September with a completed first draft for this WIP.

That's a tall order, however, so I'm anticipating completion of this draft by mid-October.

The second goal for October is to make the edits suggested by my Betas so that I can have a polished draft of book 2 ready for my editor. Book 2 needs to be ready and in her hands by November 1.

So that's the plan! Let's see what I manage to get done.

See you in a month!

P.S. I've been sharing snippets of Dissent on my social media accounts, and revealing different themes that pop up throughout the story. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads to catch little tastes of this upcoming dystopian romance.

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