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Character Concepts: Chelsea

Understanding Characters from Dissent

Chelsea is one of the supporting characters in Dissent, and we are introduced to her early on in Act 1, serving as a personal maid to Mara de la Puente in the Presidential Palace. But she has a greater purpose than just serving as a maid.

In Telvia, Chelsea would be considered a sub-class citizen, or member of District 3. As a member of this class, she is viewed as having less rights and less value than those in District 2 or 1. And Chelsea, being the spirited and assertive woman that she is, has no desire of spending her life being subservient to others.

Dissent starts us off with our main character, Mara, living in Telvia, the dystopian country ruled by a totalitarian government. In this world, Mara is the daughter of Raul de la Puente, the ruthless dictator, and has been raised within District 1 among the nobles and elite. This is where we first meet Chelsea, and we quickly learn that there is much more to her than meets the eye.

Hot-headed, fiery, and strong of character, Chelsea and Mara are not friends. In fact, one might even say they are enemies, especially when Mara throws Chelsea under the bus with Belinda, causing Chelsea to suffer a similar corporal punishment that that Mara has had to endure most of her life.

But Chelsea is good at her core, and even though she would rather Mara disappear, she steps in when it counts, saving Mara's life. Though she might have a rather bitchy exterior, Chelsea's got it where it counts.

As one Beta Reader said, "Chelsea kicks ass." And this is absolutely true! But this also makes her cocky, not to mention proudful, which can sometimes get the best of her.

"Look, I like you... But I like Chelsea too. She's a bitch, like, eighty percent of the time, but the girl kicks major ass, and I like that in a girl." -Edith, Supporting Character, DISSENT

Chelsea believes she is the goddess of her own universe, the maker of her own future. No one is going to tell her what she can or can't do. She grabs the bull by the horns and gets the job done.

Chelsea represents those who fight to rise above the circumstances they've been dealt. She represents every person who has been stepped on and told they are worth nothing. She fights for them. She's their champion.

She's a true rebel.

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