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WIP it Up: September 2023 Update

Monthly updates on drafting new books.

New Adult Romance author's June update on books in progress

1. WIP: Dissent, Book 1 of The Dissenter Saga

Stage: In Editing

Progress: Tayler from Bailey and Bloom Ink finished her second round of edits. Her feedback was great and so very helpful! I'm hoping to complete her edits by the end of October 2023.

2. WIP: Book 2 of The Dissenter Saga

Stage: In Editing

Progress: Beta Reader #1 has completed her read-through, and we have a date to go through her recommendations on September 5th! I'm so excited to see what she has to say.

3. WIP: Book 3 of The Dissenter Saga

Stage: Drafting

Progress: This book is coming along swiftly. Right now, I'm about 90k words in, and I'm having some concerns that, in order to tell this story right, I might need to turn book 3 into two books. I'm trying to avoid that, however, because I also don't want to split the book up and just add a bunch of fluff. As such, I'm really working to keep this series a trilogy.

4. WIP: Book 1 of SLC Trilogy

Stage: Brainstorming/On Hold

Progress: As excited as I am about the this next book, I'm having to put this project on hold for now. I'm still jotting down ideas as they come, but my efforts have double downed on completing The Dissenter Saga. I do think, however, that after I've got the TDS trilogy on its way, this will probably be my next series.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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