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When faced with torture and death, love may be her only salvation.

In a world of political corruption and rebellion, 18-year-old Liddy finds herself torn between loyalty to her faction and the seductive allure of a boy she's tasked to assassinate. But when her plans unravel, Liddy finds herself ensnared in a web of captivity and torment, and her fate is now intertwined with the one she was meant to eliminate.


Bound by the chains of unexpected love, she must navigate the thin line between survival and surrender, all while grappling with a heart torn between loyalty and desire. Will she find a way to escape the clutches of fate, or is her path destined to end in the shadow of an executioner's justice?


Unveil a tale of forbidden love in this gripping new adult dystopian romance, where every heartbeat echoes the struggle for freedom and a love that defies the darkest of destinies.

Revile book cover by Josephine Lamont

Releasing Spring 2024

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