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Adventures in Editing: Update 20

My weekly, Friday update....

Happy Friday and Happy Fall!

We are down to just 1 week left in the month, meaning there is only 1 week left in Q3. And, to top it off, my favorite season has arrived (though it still feels a whole lot like summer). Still, the last several days have given us cooler weather in SoCal, and the evenings are crisp and even carry a slight chill. There's no doubt about it, that fall is in the air!

Last weekend, my family took a trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona. We enjoyed driving our boat, swimming, and tubing in the water. The whole trip was short, just 4 days, but a much needed little break. (You can check out some photos of my trip down below.)

The entire time I was out on the water, I couldn't help but wonder what the MC of my current WIP would be thinking. Remember, the premise of Dissent is a great drought that causes the U.S. government to take drastic measures, which then results in the wrong person coming into power. Mara is born into this dystopian future, and has never seen such a vast body of water. It was fun to let my mind play around with the thoughts she might have if she saw Havasu Lake.

Apart from managing the school year, teaching, managing my day job, and so on, I've been busy with this WIP. I finally had one feedback session with one of my Betas and got some great info. She did an amazing job of taking detailed notes on the overall story and character development. Unfortunately, she wasn't finished with the book, so we only reviewed half. We scheduled another meeting for next week to discuss the second half of Dissent. I'm looking forward to it!

My second Beta had to push back her feedback session to next week as well. So, hopefully, she and I will be able to dive into her thoughts and see what critiques she has instore for me.

With that said, it's been 2 weeks since my last check in, so let's take a look at what I've been working on.

Goal: Plotting Book 2

Result: I think I nailed it! It's obviously not perfect, and I'm sure there will be lots of changes, but I managed to get a rough outline of the plot for this book. I know there's more tweaking that needs to be done, but for now, I think I can consider Book 2 "plotted."

Bonus Goal: Write!

Result: I didn't plan on continuing the writing process this week, but I found some spare time, so I jumped write in (hehe... get it???). It wasn't a whole lot that I got done, but I managed to come up with another 1k words.

The Plan: Next week has the usual level of "busy" going on, so I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in some more writing. But as far as goals related to editing, I have 2 feedback sessions scheduled for next week.

So, the goal for this week is to have my feedback sessions and then begin applying that feedback to my WIP. I'd love to have all the feedback (depending on what that feedback is) inputted into my book, resulting in my final draft.

That's all for today! Have a great week and don't forget to keep turning the page!

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