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WIP it Up: September 2022 Update

My monthly updates on drafting new WIPs.

1. WIP: Book 1 of The Dissenter Saga

Stage: In Editing

Progress: Draft 6 is alive and well! I'm scheduled to meet with my Betas in 2 weeks to discuss feedback and make any final major revisions before sending the manuscript off to my editor.

2. WIP: Book 2 of The Dissenter Saga

Stage: Drafting

Progress: I've started drafting! Woohoo! This past month, I completed 2 chapters of this next book.

3. WIP: Book 3 of The Dissenter Saga

Stage: Brainstorming

Progress: This book is on hold for now as I try to get Book 1 ironed out and Book 2 off the ground.

4. WIP: Book 1 of SLC Trilogy

Stage: Brainstorming

Progress: I'm so excited to share that I have some great ideas for a new WIP. I'm still brainstorming right now, and trying really hard not to get swept away with excitement for this new book. I'll have to keep this one on the back burner for now, but I'm definitely excited.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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