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Adventures in Editing: Update 16

My weekly, Friday update....

Happy Friday, Folks!

I can't believe we're cruising through August and closing another week. My kids started school yesterday, so this week has been interesting as we geared up for the new school year. Their first day went well, and everything went smoothly (thank God!).

Unfortunately, I wasn't nearly as productive as I normally am. I was really lacking in getting work done on my WIP, especially since my regular day-job was pretty busy. Also, I recognized this week that, I needed a break. I started developing soreness in my shoulders and neck, something I haven't felt in a long time. Sitting at the computer was starting to strain my body. Plus, my husband commented that every night he got home, I was in my office plucking away. And, when I finally came out, he was already upstairs with the kids. The comment reminded me to never put my writing before my family. Doing it every once in awhile is totally ok. But if it starts happening with any sort of consistency, enough that my husband comments on it, then I need to pause and take a moment to re-evaluate how I'm spending my time.

So, I paused, slowed down, and made sure I was more present in the evenings with my kids and spouse. But that means (spoiler alert!) I didn't meet my goals for this week. And I'm ok with that.

With that said, let's take a look at my progress....

Goal: Finish Editing the Final 44 Pages

Result: Done! I did manage to accomplish this goal. I finished reading through Draft 5 and looking for all of those corrections that need to be made to continue cleaning up the manuscript.

Goal: Make Revisions to Create Draft 6

Result: Nope! Not done. I got started on this one, but didn't even come close to finishing. I only completed 27 pages, but that's ok. This is one of the places where I pulled back to spend more time with my family.

Goal: Research Copy Editors

Result: Didn't even start with this one. I placed this goal completely on hold.

The Plan: So, here we are. Even though I didn't come close to meeting my goals, I really feel fine with what I did manage to accomplish. Furthermore, I think I took on too much for this week anyway, which means I was setting myself up for failure.

Taking a deep breath and centering myself, I'm looking to set up more realistic goals for this week that are more doable, give me time and space to be with my family, and time to engage in self-care.

So, my goal for this week is just to finish making revisions to my manuscript. It's still a lot to do, especially given that next week is the first, full week of school complete with homework, etc. But I'll accept any progress toward this goal.

That's all for today! Have a great week and don't forget to keep turning the page!

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