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Fallen: A Dark and Alluring Young Adult Paranormal Romance Book Review

Fallen Book Cover  by Lauren Kate
Fallen—A YA Paranormal Romance

Luce Price is just a regular teenage girl until an accident leads to the death of a fellow student and Luce is shipped off to reform school.

No cellphones.

No access to the internet.

No connection to her friends or family.

Poor Luce has to try to navigate a new school, surrounded by misfits and individuals with dark pasts. But there is that one cute boy, Cam, who's clearly into her. With his piercing green eyes and black hair, he is quite the handsome devil.

But nothing can compare to Daniel. The moment Luce sees him, she's drawn to him in the most inescapable way. But Daniel wants nothing to do with her, and she figures that out pretty quick when she smiles at him and he just flips her off.

Filled with interesting characters, an innocent female MC, and two guys that seem way too tasty for anyone's benefit, Fallen is an interesting read. It's a YA paranormal romance featuring a slow burn, love triangle, and sweet romance. The mystery about Luce, her past, and the darkness that surrounds both boys keeps the the story intriguing while never getting too heavy or dark.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Fallen. I'm still debating whether or not I'll move on to book 2 because it's written in third-person POV, which is not my favorite style. But the story was captivating enough (especially the dynamics between Daniel and Cam) that I very well might keep going to find out what happens next!

This is the book for you if you like:

➡️ Sweet Romance (No spice)

➡️ Love Triangles

➡️ Fallen Angels

➡️ Slow Burn

➡️ Mysteries and Secret Societies

➡️ Academy/Boarding School Settings

This book is good for younger audiences with mild language and safe romantic elements.

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