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Handcrafted Journal that Any Writer Would Love!

Do you love to journal? Do you keep a diary? Do you enjoy chunky notebooks that give off magical vibes? Keep reading...I just found your new favorite journal!

vintage-looking handcrafted journal
Handcrafted Journal by Memories Booked

Memories Booked is a small business run by one woman, Brenna Bires, who makes these magical journals by hand. No two books are the same, and she pours her heart and soul into each chunky journal.

The Notebook has Stunning Craftmanship

When I first heard about Memories Booked and visited the Etsy shop, my first impression was, "Ouch! That's a little pricey for a journal." But I figured, well, she's a one-woman-show, and I really love to support small businesses and women. So, I decided to go ahead and pay the ticket price.

Let me just say...I wasn't disappointed!

When I first received my journal, I was blown away by the beauty of it! Each page was unique, with added tip ins, extra cards, little envelops to add mementos, and vintage stickers. And when I learned that she stitches each book by hand, my jaw hit the floor! Talk about a labor of love and dedication to quality and beauty.

Fine Details that Separate these Journals from Anything You've Ever Seen!

Let's talk about some of the details of how Memories Booked crafts their journals that make them so unique and totally worth the price!

  • All paper is sourced from local craft-paper stores! Brenna supports other small businesses and only seeks the highest of quality paper to include in her handcrafted notebooks.

  • Dyed pages are done by Brenna, herself! She actually uses tea to yellow the pages, giving them an aged look.

  • She also stitches each book by hand! No fancy machines here...only needle, thread, and two hands that meticulously stitch each page together. And she does a fine job too. No saggy pages or bindings that look like they're about to fall apart. Strong and sturdy, ready to last the test of time!

  • Finally, Brenna loves to include little fine touches in her journals. She spends much of her time antiquing to find odds and ends to include in her notebooks, making them that much more unique! There's no way any two journals are the same, though they will give similar vibes and feels.

These Magical Journals Could Be Your Next Book of Shadows

The truth is, these journals are for everyone! Whether you're...

  • a writer looking for a place to capture your ideas for your next bestseller

  • a reader wanting to reflect on your latest read

  • a witch needing a new Book of Shadows or grimoire

  • a lover of all notebooks, diaries, and journals

  • someone looking for a uniquely special gift

These notebooks are definitely the answer to any of your needs, wishes, and desires! I had no idea just how breathtakingly gorgeous this journal was going to be when I bought it. And, seriously, I don't think I'll ever go back to buying another journal from a big store like Barnes and Noble again...not after discovering Memories Booked.

The Final Score: 5/5

The craftmanship of the journal is magnificent. I give Memories Booked a 5 out of 5, and I highly recommend them to anyone who loves chunky journals, notebooks, and diaries.

They are definitely worth every single penny, and I absolutely can't wait to by my next gorgeous journal by Memories Booked!

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