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Start Reading 'Dissent' Now- A Dystopian Romance Novel

Picture of the cover partially covered by brown wrapping paper
Dissent—A Dystopian Romance

Do you like YA Romance? Then I've got a book for you!

If you're like me, you love a good romance that leaves you swooning and turning the pages for more, more, more! If you're looking for your next read, then I just might have exactly what you're looking for...

If you like:

➡️ Love Triangles

➡️ Forbidden Romance

➡️ Secret Identities

➡️ A dash of Touch Her and Die

➡️ A Sprinkle of Enemies to Lovers

➡️ Misunderstood Bad Boy/Brooding MMC

➡️ Sweet Boy Next Door MMC

➡️ Found Family

➡️ Sibling Love

➡️ Coming of Age

➡️ Fish out of Water

➡️ Corrupt Government vs Underdog Rebellion

➡️ Right vs Wrong

➡️ Female Lead (plus several women in positions of authority)

➡️ Diversity (Latinx and mixed race primary characters, as well as several supporting characters of color)

➡️ And more plot twists and surprises that will leave you speechless!

Then it's time you take a look at Dissent, because it just might be your next favorite YA Romance!

Dissent is a military-style fantasy set in a dystopian future of the USA.

What would happen if our government collapsed and the United States broke out into civil war?

What would happen if, among the chaos, the USA fell back into a monarchical system where kings and queens paraded around, calling themselves "presidents"?

And what would happen if one of these so called "presidents" was a ruthless dictator who ruled by fear and force?

Welcome to that future, folks, where the world as we know it has come to an end...

Want to know how it all begins?

Read the first 4 chapters now!

That's right! Dissent releases on August 15th, but you can read the first 4 chapters right now.

Click the button below and glimpse into the future where love is always worth fighting for!

Stay tuned! The rebellion is just getting started!

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