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Behind the Pages: The Latest Update on 'Dissent' - A Dystopian Romance Novel

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Dissent—A Dystopian Romance featuring a Love Triangle

I’ve got updates and fun concept art to share with you today about Dissent. To say that I'm excited about this book is a huge understatement. The Dissenter Saga has been a labor of love for me for the past four years, and I have been bidding my time, working hard, and meticulously paying attention to all the details to make sure I bring you the absolute best novel (and series) that I can.

And now, I'm here! The time has finally come to really dig in on this project. So let's talk updates!

Dissent is Ready

Dissent has been completely written, revised, edited, polished, and vetted at this point. Six beta readers have gone through (several of whom were complete strangers to me) and read Dissent. And all six of them have given this novel their blessing. 😍

All we're missing now is a book cover, and I am working hard with the cover designer to get one done ASAP! But in the meantime, I'm happy to announce the Release Date!

After much debating and deliberation, we've settled on August 15, 2024.

We'll be ending the summer with a hot, exciting bang as you dive deep into Mara's world and experience the future of the USA following a horrific 20 year drought. Our government collapses, civil war, and finally the rise of a ruthless dictator, Raul de la Puente.

So what is Dissent about?

So glad you asked! Dissent is primarily a romance set in a dystopian future not too long from now. It follows the story of Mara de la Puente and her pursuit for love, happiness, and freedom.

Dissent features many popular tropes that have left beta readers squealing and itching to read more. We've got:

➡️ Love Triangles

➡️ Forbidden Romance

➡️ Secret Identities

➡️ A dash of Touch Her and Die

➡️ A Sprinkle of Enemies to Lovers

➡️ Misunderstood Bad Boy/Brooding MMC

➡️ Sweet Boy Next Door MMC

➡️ Found Family

➡️ Sibling Love

➡️ Coming of Age

➡️ Fish out of Water

➡️ Corrupt Government vs Underdog Rebellion

➡️ Right vs Wrong

➡️ Female Lead (plus several women in positions of authority)

➡️ Diversity (Dissent features Latinx and mixed race primary characters, as well as several supporting characters of color.)

➡️ And more plot twists and surprises that will leave you speechless!

I'm bringing it all in this series, and Dissent is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’re interested in getting an early release copy of Dissent in exchange for an honest review, then consider signing up to be an ARC Reader. Learn more by clicking here.

What about Revile?

Okay, I hate to make another change, but here we go...

Revile will be released third instead of second, as previously announced. There are several good reasons for this, the first being the reader experience (your experience). I don't want you to start reading Mara's story (which ends on a little cliffhanger), and then have to wait several months to find out what happens next.

Revile, as you might have guessed, doesn't continue Mara's story. It's actually a standalone novel that takes place two years before the events of Dissent. Although Revile provides much more worldbuilding and some back story that will be interesting to readers, ultimately it's a different love story in the same universe.

Revile follows Liddy Le, a rebel undercover in Telvia awaiting orders on her next primary target. But when she's told who she needs to assassinate, she struggles to comply when her heart gets in the way.

Revile has been well received by beta readers, many of whom are begging for more of Liddy's story. Although this book was always written as a standalone, I could definitely see a follow-up sequel for her. I make no promises, though, so don't get your hearts up!

Publication Order for The Dissenter Saga

With all the changes and the need to make sure there is enough time to complete each book and deliver an amazing story, the new publication order will be as follows:

Dissent (August 15, 2024)

Book 2 (September 2024)

Revile (October 2024)

Book 2.5 (January 2025)

Book 3 (February 2025)

Over the next several months, I am looking for individuals interested in ARCing Dissent, Book 2, and Revile. Since these three books will be releasing close together, ARC submissions are open for all three at this time. When you sign-up, be sure to message me your interest in which book you're hoping to ARC.

You can sign up to ARC any of these books by clicking the link below!

Whelp, that's all the updates I have for today! I look forward to sharing more news with you soon, including a cover reveal and the title for Book 2!

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