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Adventures in Editing: Update 7

My weekly, Friday update....

Happy Friday All! It's the first Friday of June, to be exact, and I'm super happy to be reporting in, today, on my progress. I think you'll all be very proud of me because I'm insanely proud of myself for sure! Let's jump right in.

1. Goal: Clean Up the Inciting Incident

Result: I did it! Yup, that's right... I got this done. In the original draft, our hero is a little too passive for my taste, and I wanted her to take a little more control of the situation by making an active choice. And now, she most definitely does! BUT... when she took an active choice, my fingers kept typing and a new idea flew onto the page. This new idea relates to my second goal for this past week. So, let's jump to that, shall we?

2. Goal: Clarify Plot Goals & Rewriting as Needed

Result: "By George I think she's got it!" Translation: Nailed it!

When I rewrote the inciting incident, an idea came to mind. What if Mara makes a proposition?

I.E.- "I'll accept this call of adventure if you promise me something in return...."

In this story, that something-in-return is that her brother lives to see another day and is pardoned of all his crimes. When my fingers did this, they also clarified my over-arching plot, which (hopefully) gives the book a more satisfying ending.

3. Bonus Goal: Finish Re-Writes and Complete Draft 2

Result: Eeeek! I totally did it! If you can believe it, I actually completed revisions to the first draft, thus giving me Draft 2. I was so excited this week, I could feel myself busting. Seriously, it felt SO GOOD.

So, here we are at the end of another week with a second draft ready for review. It feels pretty awesome, folks! With that said, let's look at my goal for this upcoming week....

The Plan: Well, the plan is kinda boring. The plan is basically to let it rest. That's right! My "adventure in editing" for this week is going to let the book rest before I pick it up for another cold read.

On Thursday of next week, we're hitting the road for another camping adventure. This time, we're going to Mammoth, CA. We absolutely LOVE camping in Mammoth. It's such a gorgeous place with lots of great hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. It's a great place for us to spend time in the wild and with each other.

That means, however, there will be no update from me this coming Friday. BUT, I plan to use my drive up and down from Mammoth as an opportunity to get a jump on my cold read of draft 2.

So, my goal for the following week is to complete my cold read of the second draft and develop my notes on any edits that I still need for the book.

That's it. Let's see how it goes. Have a great weekend and don't forget to keep turning the page!

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