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Behind the Book: Author Update 4

The weekly update....

Better... much better.

That's my summary of the week. Although I still feel as though I'm juggling way too much, and I'm pretty sure my current schedule isn't sustainable for the long haul, I'm doing better.

I'm at the ranch 2x every day taking care of this guy:

By 8:30 in the morning, I've taken care of dogs, cats, horses, and 2 kids. And it doesn't slow down from there either. At 9 a.m., I begin serving my clients in my day job, and don't stop until it's time to pick up the kids at 3 p.m.

Along the way, any spare second I get between clients, I'm charting notes to their casefiles or trying to edit my WIP. By the time the day is over, I am beat. It's definitely a whole lot.

With that said, editing is going smoothly, and I think I discovered that I didn't create the plot hole I thought I did, and the second half of the book is so much better than the first half. It's making me think I might need to go back and rewrite Act 1 again. But the thought of doing that is so heartbreaking to me. I'll have to sit with that for a bit and maybe touch base with my betas to get their thoughts.

The Plan: My goal is to review another 8 chapters, just like last week. I'm making quick work of this readthrough now that I've got some momentum going, as well as some routine.

With that said, I'm going to continue sharing snippets from this WIP on my social media accounts. So be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads to catch little tastes of this upcoming dystopian romance.

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