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WIP it Up: Adventures in Creation

My monthly updates on drafting new WIPs.

Hi All!

So, when I finished my last WIP (Book 1 of the Dissenter Saga), I started blogging about the editing process. Those updates became "Adventures in Editing." Basically, each month, I provide an update on the process of editing my book while establishing what my goals are each week for completing the process.

It has been incredibly helpful in keeping me focused and motivated throughout editing, pushing me to complete my second revision. Now, that book needs to rest for at least a week before I pick it back up and try revising it again. As a result, it leaves me with a week of nothing to do, and that just feels like a waste of valuable time.

My current WIP is book 1 of a trilogy. So, I thought, instead of just sitting dead-in-the-water for a week, what if I begin working on my next draft?

Book 2 needs to be plotted out for sure, AND I have a whole other series swimming in my head that wants out! So, working on my next WIP while my first WIP is resting seems like a good use of my time. BUT, the task feels so daunting that I'm finding myself procrastinating and rejecting the idea of sitting down and working on a new WIP. That leads me to the introduction of a new set of author updates- WIP it Up.

Introducing 'WIP it Up'

While working on my edits, I began blogging weekly author updates on the editing process. These updates (Adventures in Editing) have been immensely helpful and hugely successful in keeping me focused. So, I've decided to use the same strategy for writing my next WIP.

WIP it Up will consist of monthly updates on my current WIPs. I'm hoping that, by reporting out on the progress and plan for each WIP every month, I'll stay organized and motivated to keep pushing forward.

So, here it goes:

1. WIP: Book 1 of the Dissenter Saga

Progress: Currently "resting" before beginning a second round of editing.

The Plan: Before June is done, I want to finish revisions of the second draft, thus having my 3rd draft completed.

2. WIP: Book 2 of the Dissenter Saga

Progress: I'm in the "plotting" phase. Right now I'm trying to sketch out the rough outline of what I think is going to happen, which is going soooo painfully slow.

The Plan: My goal for this month (while WIP #1 rests) is to establish what the primary 15 beats of this book will be. If I can nail that out, I'll be an incredibly happy camper.

That's all I go for now! See you next month in another WIP it UP update.

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